3.. 2.. 1.. Start

3.. 2... 1... Start

The work on the game has been going on for some time. I would even say that for too long. I have had to face some troubles on the way, resulting mainly from my lack of experience in such projects. What’s important is that it is really developing, even though more slowly than I thought.

What will be the first game? A 2D shooter with a plot and hand-drawn graphics. I will give more hints in my next posts on the blog. I don’t want to give away too many details at once;)

The target platform.

Apple iPad. Why only iPad? In my opinion, games of this kind look pretty bad on devices with small screens such as smartphones. What is more, steering on such a small screen would be a torment and the purpose of playing a game is to have fun, right? I limit myself to Apple devices only, because there is a lot of piracy going on with Android devices, and I would really like to spend the earned money on my next projects.

The team.

Right now five talented and wonderful people have been taking part in the project. Apart from the programmer and the musician, I found them all on behance.net sites and their Polish equivalents.

The form of cooperation.

The people working with me are freelancers. They are all from Poland but live in various regions of the country. In a nutshell it looks like this: I ‘invent’ everything and then I commission the right person to implement my ideas into a specific project. Sometimes I even accept their constructive criticism and change my assumptions;) We keep in touch via e-mail and phone.

The budget.

Not big. 30 thousand Polish zloty (about $7700). Almost everything will be spent on the work of the programmers, graphic designers and music composers. I handle the rest. Contrary to appearances, there is some ‘rest’ left. I use my own funds. I do not use any crowdfunding portals.

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