my name is Bartosz Jedynak and I come from Poland.

It was one of many normal days of my disorganized life. It happened a few years ago. I was just walking through one of the Warsaw underpasses when it came to my mind that I should create a game. Why at that very moment and why a game? I have no idea. Really. Later in the evening I started to wonder about that idea and during the next few days I was mulling over how it should all look like. From the very beginning I wanted the game to have a plot and a specific hero. I also knew I wouldn’t make it on my own. I can’t program and I have no gift for drawing. I came to the conclusion that it would be best to have some independent freelancers make everything that I couldn’t do on my own. The plan was ready, the idea for the game also, so… I did nothing.

It was the time when I was dreaming more than acting and I firmly believed that I could fight my way out of every situation. So I kept dreaming about how great it would be to create a game (and not only about that). It was also the time when some dark clouds were gathering over me, which clearly indicated that I had to do something with my life or otherwise it would be pretty bad. Full of ignorance and belief in my infinite luck, I kept turning my head away and pretending that I couldn’t see what was happening. The inevitable happened. Due to my clumsiness and a series of wrong life decisions (or sometimes a complete lack of any decisions) I lost a lot and I ended up totally alone. My dream about Warsaw and the game ended. I had to come back to my home town, which I had always wanted to leave and go to the capital city at any cost. It has been 4 years since that time up to now that I have finally started working on my first game. 4 years during which I did nothing to work on myself and the game.

Up till now.

I have always liked making stuff up (rarely was I able to fulfill those dreams), creating my own worlds and alternative stories. I really hope I will manage to complete the production of my first game and that it will bring a lot of joy to the players who will decide to devote their time to the game. And I do hope it won’t be the first and last project of this kind.