Animation in Spine

Game Animations

The animations’ matter turned out differently than I had thought. After I had tried to find the right person to do it and gathered a few initial quotes, I decided to do the animations myself. Unfortunately, the costs turned out to be quite…
Max's Fire Comic Book

The Comic Book

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts, the game has its own plot. Running and shooting at the aliens had some reasons. I had big problems with finding the right person to draw the comic book. I needed someone who would draw…
Game background


The backgrounds in the game are very important to me. Practically, equally important as the projects of the main characters. In my opinion, it is the background that gives a unique atmosphere to the game. All the backgrounds are the work…
Music for Max's Fire

The music

The whole soundtrack was created by a very talented young musician Maciej Mielka, who is a guitarist in a band "The Neverender". The band website: The Neverender. They sing in Polish so do not be discouraged ;) Maciej was the only person…
Alien enemy concept art

The Concept Arts

The initial projects of the main characters and the enemies were created by Kuba Blimel. His website: Kuba Blimel He was the first person whom I contacted. He was great at implementing my thoughts into the concrete projects of the characters. Below…
3.. 2... 1... Start

3.. 2.. 1.. Start

The work on the game has been going on for some time. I would even say that for too long. I have had to face some troubles on the way, resulting mainly from my lack of experience in such projects. What’s important is that it is really developing,…