Game Animations

The animations’ matter turned out differently than I had thought. After I had tried to find the right person to do it and gathered a few initial quotes, I decided to do the animations myself.

Unfortunately, the costs turned out to be quite high, especially when compared to the other elements of the game. All the animations would cost me the same as the complete backgrounds of the game.

I had never made any animation before, it was a fact. Another fact was that the idea seemed rather stupid. On one hand, I wanted everything to be made professionally and, on the other hand, I commission myself, a total layman, to do such an important job as animations. It was more than certain that I would mess the job up. I would have never decided to do it myself, if it had been a 3D or at least a 2.5D game (which would have justified the quotes I had got). But this was a flat 2D game with simple moves of the characters (running was the most complicated motion).

It turned out that there was an animation program, whose simplicity encouraged laymen like me to attempt to make an animation. The program was the Spine by Esoteric. It has many limitations but it’s perfect for the work I had to do. At the same time, it was very easy to use.

However, the program was not all. It would have been also helpful to know some techniques, for instance of running. Here YouTube came to my rescue. You can find there many videos presenting the appropriate running techniques, also in slow motion so that you can watch it very carefully. Another option is a gameplay of a game using similar motions to the ones we want to achieve with our character. It is enough to set the speed to 0.25 (a default function of the standard YouTube player) and you can take a close look at the moves in slow motion and then transfer them to our hero.

Enough with the chit-chat. We’ll see how it goes in practice.


The Comic Book

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts, the game has its own plot. Running and shooting at the aliens had some reasons.
I had big problems with finding the right person to draw the comic book. I needed someone who would draw it according to my script. Many artists were too busy at that moment and couldn’t engage in an additional project. Damroka came to my rescue and offered that she would add colors to the ready-made contours.
It made my search much easier and in this way I found Marta Sokołowska She has done a great job with such illustrations.

I will publish the comic book later as a PDF. The comic will be also integrated to the game app.



The backgrounds in the game are very important to me. Practically, equally important as the projects of the main characters. In my opinion, it is the background that gives a unique atmosphere to the game.

All the backgrounds are the work of Damroka Jaworska. Portfolio of Damroka:
Damroka is an exceptional person and I will write more about her in another post.

Examples of the game backgrounds:

Game background

The music

The whole soundtrack was created by a very talented young musician Maciej Mielka, who is a guitarist in a band “The Neverender”.

The band website: The Neverender. They sing in Polish so do not be discouraged 😉

Maciej was the only person in the whole team working on the game whom I had known before we started our cooperation. We had worked for the same company (but in different departments). Then it turned out that when I needed a musician, Maciej was actually dealing with creating music. Great coincidence, wasn’t it?

I will publish the game soundtrack later.

My copy of their first album (extended play):



The Concept Arts

The initial projects of the main characters and the enemies were created by Kuba Blimel.

His website: Kuba Blimel

He was the first person whom I contacted. He was great at implementing my thoughts into the concrete projects of the characters.

Below I present a few of them:

Alien enemy concept art
Robot concept arts
Alien concept art 2
Boss concept art

3.. 2.. 1.. Start

The work on the game has been going on for some time. I would even say that for too long. I have had to face some troubles on the way, resulting mainly from my lack of experience in such projects. What’s important is that it is really developing, even though more slowly than I thought.

What will be the first game? A 2D shooter with a plot and hand-drawn graphics. I will give more hints in my next posts on the blog. I don’t want to give away too many details at once;)

The target platform.

Apple iPad. Why only iPad? In my opinion, games of this kind look pretty bad on devices with small screens such as smartphones. What is more, steering on such a small screen would be a torment and the purpose of playing a game is to have fun, right? I limit myself to Apple devices only, because there is a lot of piracy going on with Android devices, and I would really like to spend the earned money on my next projects.

The team.

Right now five talented and wonderful people have been taking part in the project. Apart from the programmer and the musician, I found them all on sites and their Polish equivalents.

The form of cooperation.

The people working with me are freelancers. They are all from Poland but live in various regions of the country. In a nutshell it looks like this: I ‘invent’ everything and then I commission the right person to implement my ideas into a specific project. Sometimes I even accept their constructive criticism and change my assumptions;) We keep in touch via e-mail and phone.

The budget.

Not big. 30 thousand Polish zloty (about $7700). Almost everything will be spent on the work of the programmers, graphic designers and music composers. I handle the rest. Contrary to appearances, there is some ‘rest’ left. I use my own funds. I do not use any crowdfunding portals.